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Published July 19, 2012 by lindelwagxavu

When I met Leif Mettävainio I thought it was a joke when he asked me if I like yellow, white gold or silver. He mentioned that he wants to be with me for the rest of his life then I asked him to research for the word LOBOLA and he came back to tell me that wants the hole package. He is an international trade unionist we met during the trade union work it was love at first sight.

He introduced me to his family in Sweden. We spent time together in Stockholm and in Luleå discussing wedding preparations and LOBOLA negotiations dates. He officially proposed on the 18 of November 2011 and then we were engaged. I went back to my famiy and I told them about the plans. All those processes went smoothly until our wedding day the 30 June 2012,  both families were working hand and glove prepering for that day. It was a very succesful day blessed by the presents of his family from Sweden, they enjoyed to stay in South Africa for a week for the first time. We had a very good Honeymoon in Dubai.
Colleagues and friends are battling to pronounce my new second name so they prefere to call us Mr and Mrs Mett, even the Pastors are comfortable to call us as such.
Now we are looking forward to build a future together in South Africa. But we will spend our happy life by travelling the world when the need arise.


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